TREVI Group: an independent group with a stable financial base.

A team of professionals who illustrate every day a perfect knowledge of each of our businesses:

  • Residential Real Estate 
  • New Real Estate
  • Corporate Real Estate
  • Trustee
  • Rental Management
  • Property Valuation

A leading position thanks to the great knowledge of the market for each of our departments (TREVI New Real Estate, TREVI Brokerage, TREVI Invest, TREVI Prestige, TREVI Trustee, TREVI Rental Management, TREVI Corporate.)

A commitment at the pursuit of only one goal: "Deliver every day the best service to the clients".

An independent Belgian group active in the fields of real estate transactions (purchase/sale and rental) and property management (real estate management, rental and trustee management) in the residential and corporate sector.

Key figures

Here are the figures we are most proud of

Belgian Real Estate group

years of experience

agencies in Belgium

properties in the portfolio, including 40 real estate developments

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