Sell in life annuity? A definition? Trevi explains it all

The sale in life annuity is a contract by which the owner (annuitant) sells a real estate property to a purchaser (annuitant’s beneficiary), subject to the payment of a price converted into a starting capital called “bouquet”, the balance being paid in form of non-taxed life annuities.

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Why sell in life annuity?

Selling in life annuity is the solution chosen by many seniors in order to receive a large capital as well as a monthly indexed annuity net of tax

1. Private assets factors

Growing demand from elderly owners wanting to transfer parts of their property assets while they are still alive.

2. Economic factors

Pension is sometimes insufficient, expenses are rising daily, higher daily expenses, the property maintenance of a property is becoming more and more expensive.

3. Sociological factors

Extension of the lifetime resulting from the “Papy Boom” and therefore increase in the number of retirees.

4. Situational factors

The financial and Euro crisis and jointly some lack of trust from the banks.

2 types of life annuity. Free or occupied

Free Life Annuity: You move out

Regular income without the disadvantages of rental management 

No charges, taxes, or property taxes to pay

A higher sales price, depending on the age of the seller

Occupied Life Annuity: You stay in your property

Benefit from an annuity while still living in your property

No responsibilities in major renovation works

Rent your property and collect the rents even if you move out earlier

They called upon the services of Trevi Life Annuity. Discover the testimonials of our clients opting for life annuity:

Vendre en viager - témoignage
Vendre en viager - témoignage
Vendre en viager - témoignage
Vendre en viager - témoignage
Vendre en viager - témoignage

How does it work concretely?

Step 1

Contact us either by phone at 02/343.22.40 or via our contact form

Step 2

We make a first analysis and set an appointment at your best convenience

Step 3

We estimate the value of your property in agreement with your notary, then we calculate your annuity and your starting capital ("bouquet")

Step 4

We sign a sales agreement. We launch an advertising program and we publish your property on the website of our 35 partners. The file of your property is sent to all our prospective buyers.

Step 5

We organize visits and always accompany our clients. We collect the offers and analyze the creditworthiness of the prospective buyers

Step 6

We prepare a sales agreement that we submit to your notary

Step 7

We support you all the way until the signing of the deed at the notary and we take care of the indexation calculation of your pension throughout the life annuity

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Testimonials from our clients

Discover what they say about Trevi.


I was looking for a free life annuity, and the person who had no direct heir wanted to sell the unoccupied house while maintaining a decent monthly income. We both found what we have been looking for: I could live in the house as from the notarial deed, and thanks to the money I was paying, the owner could go to a better rest home. We keep in touch regularly and get along great.

Thibault G.

My wife and I would like to keep the usufruct of the house we had built some years ago. TREVI gave us information about their life annuity department that allowed the occupation by selling the bare ownership of our property. After several weeks of a commercialization phase, we went to the notary for the offer we received through them. Since then, we received an initial payment ('bouquet') of 40,000 € at the sale act, as well as a monthly annuity that meets our daily needs. We are of course delighted to stay at home!

Nicolas et Evelyne S.

Thanks to the life annuity sale of my apartment, I received an amount of 25,000 €! I was then able to finance the ongoing interior renovations, invest money and give money to my heirs. I no longer pay condo fees, and extra income is added to my small pension. The decision to entrust TREVI with this commercialization has changed my daily life in a positive way, and I would like to thank them for this.

Andrée B.